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In every sport, including tennis, you can taste the joy of fun and competition. In tennis there are no any limits to play this beautiful game. It does not matter if you are man or woman, if you are kid or adult, all you need to have is desire and passion!

Tennis can be a great workout and in addition you can mantain your health, strength, agility and improve the motor functions of your body. Playing tennis has many health benefits including:

  • increasing aerobic capacities
  • improving metabolic function
  • increasing bone density
  • improving muscle tone, strength and flexibility
  • lowering resting heart rate and blood pressure
  • reducing the stress
  • Tennis is FUN! It is the perfect way to spend time with friends and family, and also make new friends!
Тенисът - забавление за малки и големи


There is no age for tennis! If you are a parent and you wonder at what age is good your kid to start playing tennis, what i suggest is three, four or five years old kids are welcomed to start. Kids who start at this age are learning to play tennis thanks to all kind of different fun games. We are trying to develop their motor skills when they are younger, also include additional exercises for their future development.

For older children and adults who want to play tennis and are curious about the game, victory and points come first. There are many different games that can be implemented for the adults. Modified games for older children are extremely interesting as it develops their motivation to win and concentrate. This also applies for adults in full force too.

You want your child to start playing tennis!? Contact Me and i will introduce tennis to him/her in the best and most funny way !


If i must describe myself as a tennis coach i will use the following words – fun, discipline, honest and responsibility! I have always said and shared that I do not only teach tennis, but I try to add a little more of myself in the development of all kids and teenagers who play tennis. I always demand that everyone be honest and responsible in the first place. Tennis is and must remain a fair game, and it is our duty as tennis coaches to contribute to it. If we manage to build the first two, then the third inevitably becomes part of them. And the fun, it’s all the time!

ARE You Ready? Contact Me, make an appointment and feel the JOY of the game!

Nam Luong
Nam Luong
I'm from Vietnam. I practiced with a few guys but they couldn't make my forehand better. Luckily I knew Dimitar Hristov (Tennis Coach) in a tennis coach forum and we communicated via messages , video calls. He helped me optimize the timing, backswing, wrist lag. I practiced gain the wall in 2 months (2 workouts per week) and the amazing progress happened . After that my forehand was completely confident with the normal ball. Due to the high ball I could handle it better now. I won more matches. I see that he has good methodologies to coach each person. That's great. Thank you so much. #nopainnogain #keepWalkingandDevelop
Evgeniya Yanakieva
Evgeniya Yanakieva
Силно препоръчвам! Уникален подход, умее да завладее децата и да прикове вниманието им!
Ekaterina Hristova
Ekaterina Hristova
Препоръчвам!Добре работи с деца.

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